bear.UP teddy rejuvenation service

I am now offering a service to refurbish old or damaged teddies. Not to repair them to their previous condition, but to give them an entirely new look. If you're fond of your bear the way it was, this may not be for you. But if you're feeling bold and would like me to bring out the inner bear, why not send your poorly friend to me. I'm happy to work with your suggestions on the type of look you would prefer - it could be something gentle, perhaps with added fabrics and stitching to conceal or enhance damaged areas; or you could go for something more full-on and outrageous, in the style of some of my wilder creatures. There are examples of both below. Price would depend on the estimated amount of work. It would be useful to see photos of your bear in its current state so that I can work out a rough price.

 If interested, please contact me using the form on the last page, and we can discuss your requirements and budget and take it from there.

gentle bear

bear who when flying up to heaven turned into a bird instead

robinson the glam punk bear