news for 2018

CBeebies Junk Rescue

Set your videos (or whatever they're called now)!

At last I can reveal that the CBeebies series I was filmed for last October, Junk Rescue, will start screening on 18 June. The episode I'll be in is on at 4.30 on Tuesday 31 July, but please watch them all if you can - you don't need to be a little one to enjoy it! Featuring the lovely and remarkable Danny Sebastian, who was a joy and great fun to work with.


2018 selling events

This is going to be a busy year!

I'm delighted to announce that I've been selected for all  three Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair (GNCCF) events. This includes two new events in the GNCCF portfolio, in Newcastle and Sheffield. Exciting!


The GNCCF Newcastle event will be on 23-24 June at the Biscuit Factory, Stoddart Street NE2 1AN. It is part of the Great Exhibition of the North


GNCCF Sheffield is on 27-29 July at the Millennium Gallery, Arundel Gate S1 2PP


GNCCF Manchester is on  11-14 October, returning to the lovely Upper Campfield Market venue at Barton Street, Manchester M3 4NN


More details will follow as each event draws nearer. See the event organisers' website and page on Facebook for further info.

It's also confirmed that I have a space at the Edinburgh West End Fair, which is back after a two-year break during which the site has been refurbished. I'm just doing one week this time, from 4-12 August. The venue is St Johns Church at the west end of Princes Street, now refurbished.


And I'll be at just one Christmas event, with 3d2d at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 1-2 December


Watch this space for more details!

Crafts Council Directory Maker of the Week

I was delighted to be the Crafts Council Maker of the Week from Friday 9 February! It was a huge surprise and great confidence booster. You can read the article here

Embroidery magazine

My work was featured in, and on the cover of, the July/August 2016 issue of Embroidery magazine, the magazine of the Embroiderers' Guild. I feel really privileged, and hugely surprised, to have been asked to appear in it, as it's such an excellent publication and one that has inspired me greatly.

Crafts Council Directory

You can see my work and current projects in the fantastic Crafts Council Directory. It's a great resource for discovering the work of lots of wonderful makers and I'm looking forward to having a really good browse through it. My profile is here. Please do have a  look and follow me and like the profile - and other makers' too of course!

Etsy shop payment now by card or PayPal

My shop accepts payment by card as well as by Paypal. It also accepts Etsy gift cards, which are now available in £GBP and Euros as well as dollars.

GDPR privacy policy
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My Etsy shop, should you visit it using the link from this website, has a full up-to-date privacy policy in the ‘policies’ area of the shop. You can view this here.