experiments with surfaces

I occasionally find time to investigate different ways to approach surfaces, finding ways to incorporate materials other than conventional textiles into my work. This includes plastics and other waste materials not readily accepted in domestic recycling collections. I am hoping, by using such materials in an altered form, to more closely relate the theme of wildlife in the human environment to the materials ands means used to create the work. These examples were made during 2014-16.

rust, dust and stitch

Blanketed pigeon

made with altered facial wipes (non-recyclable viscose-polyester mix) over embroidered surface held together with cable ties

Plastic attack

made with altered polythene packaging and fruit package netting, which is working its way into the fabric, pushing out the fibres

Polystyrene pigeon

made with white and grey polystyrene-covered embroidered fabric and altered polythene packaging